May 7, 2009 ' will ever know that the cause of death was suicide. face mask is a quick and painless way to go… if you wanted a comedy death you could go for still, the best method for undetected suicide is potassium chloride.
Painless And Undetectable Methods Of Suicide

june 8

Hanging 2 methods 1. asphyxiation (dangle on end of rope for 10 minutes) painless if you drop far enough (8 foot is optimum). .. heart attacks are painful, but the advantages in using an undetectable method make this very attractive.
Dec 8, 2007 “what these b.c. statistics indicate is that a new method for suicide has entered the helium is seen as a swift, highly lethal and painless way to die without involving physicians or drugs. helium is also nearly undetectable in amenity.

It is also shown that kids are often likely to commit suicide if a parent has. .. you can't (get insurance money from suicide) so find another way to provide for .. not only is it painless, but the helium will be undetectable to a peaked.
Final exit, sought to identify multiple suicide methods that were swift, painless, failure-proof, inexpensive, and nondisfiguring. the group also considered it due to helium inhalation is often undetected by autopsy (where findings are typically.

Are you looking for a painless method to end your life (painless death); a quick way to commit suicide; and/or a clean way to die? if so, you have come to the .  

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